Fat Cat | Android App Review

Fat Cat is a game to try your luck. And if you’re lucky enough, you win prizes for real.

The application is as smooth as butter & as easy as reading. Below are some key aspects of the app,

Profile Page
Profile Page


The aim of the game is to make a simple prediction by selecting local companies of your choices. You can choose 6 companies per ticket. Your performance will be based on the real world growth in shares of the chosen companies. You can navigate the app through your Profile Page. The app has a materialistic view to match the latest developments in Android.







Creating a Ticket
Creating a Ticket


Creating a ticket is no tough task. You just have to add them as per your wish. The plus sign will add them & the same can be even discarded by again clicking on the chosen company.







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8 Android Apps that help You Save Time, Save Money

It’s been around 6 years from the discovery of Android OS by Google Inc. In this time period of 6 years, Android has largely dominated the Mobile Market, the reason being it’s easy development platform & open source license. The applications in Android are no lesser than a piece of human intelligence.  We live in an era where our time is more important than anything else. You waste Time, you waste Money. And our very own Android takes care that you don’t waste any of these.

Here’s a list of few Android Apps that’ll help you Save Time, Save Money :

1. Any.do




Any.do is a to-do list creator that reminds you with any of your undone task & doesn’t lets you procrastinate 😉 Whether you’ve to call someone, meet someone or greet someone, this app will help you set reminders for it. App can be synced with your Google account so that you don’t lose any data while switching your device.




2. Birthdays for Android

Birthdays for Android


We all have a tough time remembering the birthdays of our friends, families, colleagues, don’t we? And in order to overcome this problem, we keep a track of our facebook. What if we can’t have the access to our facebook or we don’t have an active internet connection? Well, not to worry people, this app will never let you forget birthdays anymore. Easy syncing can be done from the facebook for once to save time & it also allows you to add birthdays manually for those who aren’t there on facebook. Import/Export will help you when you decide to install/uninstall the app or switch your device.


3. Cardiograph



No more wasting money on devices to measure your heart bit rate. Cardiograph is here to provide you with the close to perfect results. Just place your finger on the camera lens & this app will let you know your current bit rate. This app has been launched after a lot of medical research & analysis to make it a trusted one.




4. Expense Manager

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KJSCE Canteen | Android App + HTML5 App

In every college, Canteen is one such place where you find more number of students than you find in a Lecture Hall. People come here to chit-chat, time-pass, eat, treat and hang around. But since the Canteen is crowded most of the times, one can’t get his/her hands on the Menu Card of the Canteen. I stay in a Hostel & have to visit Canteen … Continue reading KJSCE Canteen | Android App + HTML5 App

DUDEiCON | Android App Review

After the huge success of Social Chat apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, Hike, BBM (Now available for Android as well), here comes yet another Social Chat App & it’s called DUDEiCON pronounced as DUDE-ih-con, not DUDE-eye-con. All these apps make you very comfortable when it comes to chatting or texting a message to a friend & the most important feature of all these apps is … Continue reading DUDEiCON | Android App Review

Guiddoo – Your personal tour guide | Android App Review

Life is a Journey and not a Destination. There might be very few people who don’t like travelling and touring around the awesome monuments of the World. Tourists are the Humans from any Country & any religion. But, all of them or say all of us face the same common problem. And the problem is lack of knowledge about the stranger places. Of course, if it’s … Continue reading Guiddoo – Your personal tour guide | Android App Review