8 Android Apps that help You Save Time, Save Money

It’s been around 6 years from the discovery of Android OS by Google Inc. In this time period of 6 years, Android has largely dominated the Mobile Market, the reason being it’s easy development platform & open source license. The applications in Android are no lesser than a piece of human intelligence.  We live in an era where our time is more important than anything else. You waste Time, you waste Money. And our very own Android takes care that you don’t waste any of these.

Here’s a list of few Android Apps that’ll help you Save Time, Save Money :

1. Any.do




Any.do is a to-do list creator that reminds you with any of your undone task & doesn’t lets you procrastinate 😉 Whether you’ve to call someone, meet someone or greet someone, this app will help you set reminders for it. App can be synced with your Google account so that you don’t lose any data while switching your device.




2. Birthdays for Android

Birthdays for Android


We all have a tough time remembering the birthdays of our friends, families, colleagues, don’t we? And in order to overcome this problem, we keep a track of our facebook. What if we can’t have the access to our facebook or we don’t have an active internet connection? Well, not to worry people, this app will never let you forget birthdays anymore. Easy syncing can be done from the facebook for once to save time & it also allows you to add birthdays manually for those who aren’t there on facebook. Import/Export will help you when you decide to install/uninstall the app or switch your device.


3. Cardiograph



No more wasting money on devices to measure your heart bit rate. Cardiograph is here to provide you with the close to perfect results. Just place your finger on the camera lens & this app will let you know your current bit rate. This app has been launched after a lot of medical research & analysis to make it a trusted one.




4. Expense Manager

Expense Manager


When it comes to money shaving, you must have this app installed in your Android device. This one lets you keep a track of your daily expenses & incomes. Along with this, there are many tools like Currency Converter, Loan Calculator, etc. added in the app.



5. hike Messenger

hike Messenger



Shave your money by sending text messages to offline contacts & shave your time by sending .pdf, .docx, .ppt, etc. sort of files well within the app. Moreover, hike also provides you with the referral bonus of Rs. 20/every user joined & coupons to redeem at stores in India. It’s an all in one instant messenger.



6. Hangouts by Google



Though it comes by default in all the Android devices, many users do not use it because of lack of knowledge. Let me tell you, other than instant messaging, hangouts also offers you to make voice & video calls that too for a zero penny. And the quality of communication is also way better than other Voice Over IP apps.



7. PicsArt – Photo Studio



Not all are Photoshop experts, not all own a decent computer, not all find time to do that. Well, if you fall into the mentioned categories, PicsArt is the app for you. It’s simply the best photo editing available on Android. Large number of photo editing tools, customized fonts & cliparts make it even more better. Trust me, if you aren’t using it, you’re missing a lot in Android.




8. Zomato





Food is for Life & Zomato is your guide to get good food. Lets you find places, restaurants, menus, genuine reviews right on the go. This will shave a huge amount of time when you’re hungry, because even a minute spent in hunger is like an hour.



These apps will certainly save your money because none of them are paid on the Play Store. You just need to own an Android phone & internet connection for once to download these apps, you’re all set then. Technology is for Life, since it helps you saving time & saving money.


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