Darshan Gajara

Hello friend, now that you’ve shown interest in knowing more about me, I’ll take this opportunity to brag about myself.

I’m Darshan Gajara – a Product Designer driven by the passion for making products and helping others do the same, or even better. I usually share my insights on design and travel stories on this blog.

I’m an internet-made designer and strongly believe in giving back to the internet. The reason why I created my side-project ProductDisrupt.com. I also hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Mumbai.

I’m experienced in delivering end-to-end product solutions for India’s top ticketing portal – BookMyShow and building a crowdfunding platform for creatives – Wishberry. I also worked towards building a community of design enthusiasts for Panda Network.

My key responsibilities included business requirement mapping, product specification, user experience by user research, user interface and interaction design and studying the user feedback on an iterative basis.

I’ve also been working as an independent Product Design Consultant for 6+ years now. My clients include startups and established businesses from US, UK, UAE, Canada and India. It has helped me understand the business of creativity and improve myself on a consistent basis.

I adore sharing what I learn and am always up for a humane conversation. I believe in inbox-zero, so you’re definitely getting a reply to the email you send on dg@darshangajara.com.

Not an email person? I’m pretty accessible on Twitter as well. Send your love in or under 280 characters to @WeirdoWizard.

19 thoughts on “Darshan Gajara

  1. Dear Darshan, thanks for dropping by, liking commenting and following my blog!, your place looks too cute and too cool! looking forward to explore.

  2. Hello Darshan! I’ve decided to read and follow 15 interesting and new blogs a day every day for the first month of 2015, and yours is today’s #4! Feel free to come visit me when you can at http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com, and follow if you like what you read. Happy new year and happy blogging! (BTW – this about page is great, and I really like your blog template, how can I get something like this?)

    1. Hey Jacob,
      That’s a great resolution you’ve made this year. I’m glad that I made it to your list of interesting blogs. You can activate Cheer theme on your blog from the theme shop of wordpress.com.

  3. Very descriptive about page. Never came across something like this. Even I started my blog with the intention of improving my language skills. Good luck.

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