DUDEiCON | Android App Review

After the huge success of Social Chat apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat, Hike, BBM (Now available for Android as well), here comes yet another Social Chat App & it’s called DUDEiCON pronounced as DUDE-ih-con, not DUDE-eye-con.

All these apps make you very comfortable when it comes to chatting or texting a message to a friend & the most important feature of all these apps is that it’s FREE & cross-platform as well. So that you don’t miss out on any of your friends using devices different from your’s.
The Question arises here is, “How is DUDEiCON different from other Social Chat Apps?”
And the answer to this is a very innovative & cool feature added to this app which Dudes & Dudettes may like. There’s ample of pre-recorded Audio greetings available that comes for free with this app & are sorted as per the categories. These Dude greetings gives your conversation a lifely effect & you can also create your own customized Audio greetings as well. This will eventually save your time as well. Refer the picture for the sample of app greetings and the smileys.







               Key Features:
* Available for FREE in the Playstore
* DUDEiCON ID (Add friends using this ID)
* Pre-recorded Audio greetings
* Loaded with DUDE Icons
* Allows to create customized Audio greetings & DUDE Icons
* Message Timestamp





There are some awesome DUDECODEs & additional features being built by the Developers of this app. For further information please visit here -the official website of DUDEiCON.


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