Java | C++ Programs

Yeah, I know it’s tough at times to write multi-pager Java or C++ Codes. So, here’s some ready made code desserts for you, My Viewers. These codes mainly focus upon the Educational Coding subjects and will help you while freelancing as well. Select your desired subject from below.

P.S. These are Programs mentioned in the Mumbai University‘s Technical Syllabus.

System Security

Computer Networks

Micro Processor

Computer Graphics

2 thoughts on “Java | C++ Programs

  1. Sir,
    I am working on a project based on simulation on Network Simulator 2.34. I am not getting proper guiding procedures to add a new protocols. So i kindly request you help me out with it if you know about it. it would be of great help for me. My mail ID id I will be waiting for your help. thank you

    1. I’m glad that you believe in me.
      I will surely try to help if I can. What is the exact problem you are facing & what exactly you wanna implement? Can you please elaborate a bit?

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