Guiddoo – Your personal tour guide | Android App Review

Life is a Journey and not a Destination. There might be very few people who don’t like travelling and touring around the awesome monuments of the World.

Tourists are the Humans from any Country & any religion. But, all of them or say all of us face the same common problem. And the problem is lack of knowledge about the stranger places. Of course, if it’s our first visit to the place, we tend to know nothing much about the place we are visiting. Some people do a ample of research on the Internet before touring, but all that research explains us about the Sight seeing and other nearby parameters. And again we are not Computers to remember every single word from our pre-research.

We need to have something on the go. Here comes the need of a Mobile Application which may behave as a Virtual Guide for our whole Journey. Our Virtual Guide Guiddoo won’t ask for extra wages, won’t complaint about the work hours and won’t hesitate in informing us. He’s pretty the one among st us.

Some brilliant and eye-catching features that Guiddoo will provide are,

  1. Search using Monument / Country / GPS Location
  2. Step by Step Tour
  3. Key Sights
  4. Timeline
  5. History & Trivia
  6. Image Gallery
  7. Tourist Info (That includes the Monument Timings, Ticket Rates, Weather Conditions, Contact, Accommodation, How to Reach, Map, Interesting Places around)
  8. Some Downloadable Content

If you’re bored of reading all the stuff, you can even switch on to the Audio Mode. Have pictures, maintain an activity log and many more.

If you’re a Travel Freak, I bet you won’t miss out on this Pocket Guide.

My Personal Rating for this App on a scale of 1-5 is  4 (Near to Excellent)

For more details on the App, you can visit Guiddoo’s official website

Last but not the least, – Blogging Partner of Guiddoo deserves an appreciation for bringing this Campaign to the Bloggers.


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