KJSCE Canteen | Android App + HTML5 App

In every college, Canteen is one such place where you find more number of students than you find in a Lecture Hall. People come here to chit-chat, time-pass, eat, treat and hang around. But since the Canteen is crowded most of the times, one can’t get his/her hands on the Menu Card of the Canteen.

I stay in a Hostel & have to visit Canteen most of the times for Lunch. Finding the Menu Card each time, going through it & then deciding what to have & what not was too hectic for me & my friend Sanga. This forced me to think of some solution & I thought of building an Android or a native app. But then building an app is not that easy when you’re not so good at Android Programming. Then I thought of a CMS solution to this and built it in a few days of time.

Here’s the screenshot of the Application & its published page on the Monkey Market.
KJSCE Canteen Logo

Click Here to download the application.
Or visit http://www.fanapp.mobi/kjsce_canteen from any of the Browser which is currently in use on your Device.

Once you’ve installed the application and are well-versed with the functioning of it, please make sure that you fill the Feedback Form which is available under the About section.
Your appreciation & suggestions will help me make it better for me & you both.

P.S. Application also works when you’re disconnected to the internet. Only some links in the About tab won’t function without an active Internet connection.Also this app belongs to only those who eat in K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering, Vidyavihar’s Canteen.


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