Fat Cat | Android App Review

Fat Cat is a game to try your luck. And if you’re lucky enough, you win prizes for real.

The application is as smooth as butter & as easy as reading. Below are some key aspects of the app,

Profile Page
Profile Page


The aim of the game is to make a simple prediction by selecting local companies of your choices. You can choose 6 companies per ticket. Your performance will be based on the real world growth in shares of the chosen companies. You can navigate the app through your Profile Page. The app has a materialistic view to match the latest developments in Android.







Creating a Ticket
Creating a Ticket


Creating a ticket is no tough task. You just have to add them as per your wish. The plus sign will add them & the same can be even discarded by again clicking on the chosen company.







Company Profile
Company Profile


You don’t need to blindly count on any company, you can always check the Company Profile & its past performances before adding it to your ticket. Company Profile includes its ranking in the most recent games.







Final Ticket
Final Ticket


After all the predictions are made, your final ticket will look something like this. You’ll be asked to confirm your choices before submitting it for the game.










You can create multiple tickets for a game. Multiple number of tickets will increase your chances of winning, but can also cause you loss if your chosen companies fail to gain growth. Hence, creation of multiple tickets must be handled with care.







How Fat Cat earns you real world prizes?

Based on your ranking, you’re awarded with certain prizes like a Tour to Australia, Malaysia, etc. or Cash prizes. The prizes keep on changing depending upon the sponsors. Fat Cat also holds jackpots, which can earn you huge prizes.

Fat Cat has two mini games bundled into it. Lucky 6 is live now, whereas QuizApp is yet to be released.
You can increase your chances by inviting your friends & family to the game.

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