A Conversation with Kiran Shivlingkar

DG: Hey Kiran, how have you been? How about getting started with a little intro?
Kiran: Hey Darshan, I’m Kiran from Goa. At present, I work as an Interaction Designer at BookMyShow, in Mumbai. I work on many side projects part-time, but working at BookMyShow is pretty much my main job.

Google Animation

DG: Goa is such an amazing place man, my personal favorite. How’s the design scene there?
Kiran: Yeah, Goa is a paradise to me. It’s always associated to relaxed vacations, but if you dig in a little deep, you’ll see that the startup ecosystem in the state is booming despite the odds. Design wise it’s a growing place, there are firms like Beard Design, Ajency.in, DCCPER, etc., which take UI/UX designing very seriously. A lot of other startups have been evolving with good design sense. Communities like StartupGoa and similar meetups are helping create  opportunities and acting as a networking platform for young generation.

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Best Resources to Learn about Product Design–Part 2

A couple of weeks before, I shared my best resources to learn about product design, 9 resources–to be very specific. Not many days after that post, I realized that I missed out on some more.

And here I’m, back with part 2 of best resources to learn about product design. The count stopped on 9 the last time, so I’ll resume this post with 10th.

10. Hack Design

Hack Design

Hack Design is a curated design course crafted by the best of designers for everyone and anyone who wants to learn design. How hack design works is, they send you a weekly email with around 5 lessons on one given topic. Lessons are best of links on the internet neatly curated by Hack Design’s design instructors. The beauty of Hack Design is that it is so well organized and planned. Your design course will start off with very simple design concepts and slowly get to all complex and higher concepts. Also, since you receive only 5-6 lessons a week on one given topic, you’ve ample time to read them through, which do not spam your inbox and keeps you in-sync with the course. I highly recommend you to subscribe to their course (Yes, it’s absolutely free) if you’re just getting started with design. It’s a good read for the experienced designers as well.

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A Conversation with Matt Olpinski

DG: Hey Matt, how are you doing? As the tradition goes, let’s start with a little intro.
Matt: I’m an independent design consultant who works with startups and small businesses to help them succeed. I also write articles to help freelancers become better on my blog and in my newsletter.

DG: For how long have you been working as a freelance consultant? And how has the journey unfolded so far?
Matt: I started freelancing during my freshman year of college in 2009. I didn’t even know what freelancing was when I took on my first few projects. They were small and didn’t pay much, but I gradually learned and started charging more for my experience. Eventually, I was able to leave my full-time job in favor of a full-time freelancing career.


DG: You write a lot about helping freelancers, what made you start a freelance-focused blog in the first place?
Matt: I’ve always enjoyed helping others. I started a blog about 5 years ago, but it didn’t have a specific focus. I felt like it failed so I took it down. Once people started asking me for advice on freelancing several years later, I decided to just restart the blog with a focus on freelancing.

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Best Resources to Learn about Product Design–Part 1

Hey folks, I hope you’re having a great weekend.

As promised earlier in my last blog post about my job change, here’s my list of resources that made me what I’m today–a Product Designer.

Just before the Monday Blues hit you, here’s my rocking list to learn about product design, not necessarily in order of ranking,

1. Invision’s blog

Invision's Blog

I wouldn’t consider giving a second thought while saying that Invision’s blog has been my best buddy in learning about product and design, thanks a million, Invision. Invision’s blog started as a design blog by their in-house team and within no time was considered as one of the most sought out blog for design. Don’t believe me? Well, you don’t have to, see what Forbes has to say about them. Invision’s blog now also accepts guest posts from design bloggers all around the world. I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity of writing a blog post for them.

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How I Landed Up 125% Hike in my Second Job

Apologies, for not being able to write for long. You would probably understand what kept me from writing once you’re done reading this blog post.

Yes, I’ve a new job and it’s pretty amazing. That’s exactly what this is going to be about, the story of my job change and what I learnt along the way.

How I Landed Up 125% Hike in my Second Job

Present Day

I quit my job as a Jr. Visual Designer at Startup A a few weeks back and joined Startup B as a Product Designer. My main responsibility at Startup A was to design User Interface for the web, mobile and everything that came along the way. I just stepped up *punches a fist bump in the air*, and now my main responsibility or rather say responsibilities at Startup B is to take care of the product. By taking care of the product I mean to innovate, strategize, bring in the user experience by user research, wire frame, design the user interface, prototype, see it developed, test, ship, respect the user feedback and REPEAT. Phew! That sounded like a real challenge, bring it on.

The Story that Led to Present Day

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