How I Landed Up 125% Hike in my Second Job

Apologies, for not being able to write for long. You would probably understand what kept me from writing once you’re done reading this blog post.

Yes, I’ve a new job and it’s pretty amazing. That’s exactly what this is going to be about, the story of my job change and what I learnt along the way.

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A Conversation with t1na (Martina Stipan)

DG: Hey Martina, how are you? How about we kick-start this Conversation by getting to know a little about you?
t1na: Hello everyone, I’m a bit tired as I’m writing this, but good in general. I’m Martina Stipan, an 18 years old graphic design, digital art, multimedia and creative stuff enthusiast. You may mostly find landscape matte-paintings and photo manipulations on my page.

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A Conversation with Panda Network’s Ahmet Sülek

DG: How have you been, Ahmet? I would like to start with a little intro about you, for our readers.
Ahmet: Hey Darshan, I’m the Product Designer of Panda and doing active development and design on other Panda Network projects as well.

DG: Keyboards Club, UsePanda, The Stocks, Flat UI Colors, to name a few of your products. There are so many already and the number seems to be ever rising. What motivates you to achieve such feat?

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