Miss You Mom !!! (English Translation)

You came into existence with a cost of a life ,
She isn’t there now , but her shadow’s always with you..
No calamities could defeat you..

But there was one more person , who dedicated his entire life for you..
If he wouldn’t have been , probably you wouldn’t have existed..
You didn’t get what others’ got normally ,
But you got something special than that..
You got the love of your Close Ones..
But you also got the sadness of that loss..

You kept on blaming yourself for this..
You kept on thinking that why didn’t your Loved Ones save her inspite of you..

Maybe it was somebody’s mistake..
Or maybe it was God’s own part of a script..

But now that you have come to life ,
You can’t waste it casually..
You can’t return empty hands to that person who gave you life..
Many lifes are linked to your life..
You can’t simply disappoint them..

The time when you will discover all the hidden secrets ,
It will be the time when the world will fetch you great respect..

Don’t loose on life ,
Teach life how to live..
Don’t cry on your Luck ,
Achieve what have you come for..


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