My Mast Friend !

Between the tensed, nervous & confused First Year faces,
There stood a Girl one amongst the special cases.

Not worried about the new environment,
Proud & confident of her solid temperament.

Kidding, jerking, fun loving was her nature,
Isolated from the dull alike faces, I found this creature.

People said she’s a Social Guru,
Jaha mauka milta wahi pe ho jati shuru.

Sometimes sarcastic
But always enthusiastic.

She’s her personal favourite,
And the one whom I can’t rate.

She uses blue & purple hearts to show her affection,
And claims that she just likes the colour and no specific reason.

Tough outside but soft inside,
She always believed that feelings are meant to hide.

She fakes that I should stop being so good to her,
She may fall for me, that’s her fear.

Our Friendship proves, that to be good friends,
You need not be always together…
But whenever you are,
You should play your true & complete part…
Only then you can make an impact on heart.




6 thoughts on “My Mast Friend !

  1. lovely yaa.. !! happy for u and though she is unknown for me,but i am Happy for that ‘MAST FRIEND’ too !!

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