Lost in the City !!

Seems like everything’s lost, I’m full of pain.. Struggled so hard, but what did I gain. I entered the city of dreams, with a complex dream.. And I thought it would be easy as licking a cream. I was a man of action, Now transformed to man of words.. Even now I wish to accompany free fying birds. The city has one simple rule, There’s … Continue reading Lost in the City !!

Miss You Mom !!! (English Translation)

You came into existence with a cost of a life , She isn’t there now , but her shadow’s always with you.. No calamities could defeat you.. But there was one more person , who dedicated his entire life for you.. If he wouldn’t have been , probably you wouldn’t have existed.. You didn’t get what others’ got normally , But you got something special … Continue reading Miss You Mom !!! (English Translation)