An Art a Day for 30 Days

Art is such an amazing thing. What cannot be told in words, can be expressed in art. Any form of artwork is awesome in itself. Not everybody understands art, but everybody loves art. We can spot only a few people who don’t love art in any of its indigenous forms. Vibha Jindal is a strong believer of arts. “An artwork a day, keeps the sanity … Continue reading An Art a Day for 30 Days

Miss You Mom !!! (English Translation)

You came into existence with a cost of a life , She isn’t there now , but her shadow’s always with you.. No calamities could defeat you.. But there was one more person , who dedicated his entire life for you.. If he wouldn’t have been , probably you wouldn’t have existed.. You didn’t get what others’ got normally , But you got something special … Continue reading Miss You Mom !!! (English Translation)