Aise Haal mai Dil kaha jaaye !

Dil rona chahe,Par ro na paye.Aise haal mai bhala jaye bhi to kaha jaye. Zindagi ne pucha, “Kya mujse pyar karta hai?”Maut ne pucha, “Kya mujse darta hai?”Ab inhe samjau bhi to kya,Zindagi se pyar karu to Maut ka dar lage,Aur agar Maut se na daru to Zindagi ka pyar fika pad jaye.Ab aise haal mai Dil jaye bhi to kaha jaye. Socha ki khudpe … Continue reading Aise Haal mai Dil kaha jaaye !

My Mast Friend !

Between the tensed, nervous & confused First Year faces, There stood a Girl one amongst the special cases. Not worried about the new environment, Proud & confident of her solid temperament. Kidding, jerking, fun loving was her nature, Isolated from the dull alike faces, I found this creature. People said she’s a Social Guru, Jaha mauka milta wahi pe ho jati shuru. Sometimes sarcastic But … Continue reading My Mast Friend !

Miss You Mom !!! (English Translation)

You came into existence with a cost of a life , She isn’t there now , but her shadow’s always with you.. No calamities could defeat you.. But there was one more person , who dedicated his entire life for you.. If he wouldn’t have been , probably you wouldn’t have existed.. You didn’t get what others’ got normally , But you got something special … Continue reading Miss You Mom !!! (English Translation)