An Art a Day for 30 Days

Art is such an amazing thing. What cannot be told in words, can be expressed in art. Any form of artwork is awesome in itself. Not everybody understands art, but everybody loves art. We can spot only a few people who don’t love art in any of its indigenous forms.

Vibha Jindal is a strong believer of arts. “An artwork a day, keeps the sanity away!”, banking on this statement of hers, she decided to make an artwork each day for 30 days straight. She named it as Project30.

Have a look at the beautifully designed doodles, illustrations & typos by VJ Artworks,

Art never fails to impress us, does it? Visit VJ Artworks’ facebook page to find out rest of the artwork under Project30.

And as always, I’m happy to hear it from you. Let me know your take on Project30 or anything about art in general.


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