Even Designers Have to Lie

Designers are those creative people who create aesthetically pleasing & visually interacting art pieces. They see things a little differently. But, Clients are such people who can make even these creative Designers go mad. Their repeatedly iterative demands & tantrums are one hell of annoying tasks to handle. In which case, even Designers have to lie to their Clients sometimes.

Even Designers Have to Lie

Our friends at Creative Market have jotted down these 20 lies that Designers tell their Clients. I’m sure all the Designers out there would be able to connect to it. So, here are those 20 lies we regret telling, but have to tell.

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TVF’s PITCHERS Minimal Poster

No doubt, The Viral Fever is India’s largest Youth Entertainment Network. TVF’s YouTube channel has over a million subscribers & the count keeps on growing each day. TVF has been doing a spectacular job with its Qtiyapa videos. After a huge success of their first Drama Series “Permanent Roommates“, TVF is back again with their brand new drama series based on the lines of Silicon … Continue reading TVF’s PITCHERS Minimal Poster

How Indians Refer to Hollywood Stars

We love Hollywood movies, we love Hollywood Stars, but that doesn’t mean we’ll remember their real names. Those aren’t native to us & are the difficult ones. Instead we refer to them by the roles played by them, by the characteristics that they possess in particular. In my design series entitled “How Indians Refer to Hollywood Stars”, I’ve made an attempt to showcase those famous … Continue reading How Indians Refer to Hollywood Stars

Tanu Weds Manu Returns Minimal Poster

Tanu Weds Manu Returns has been a better movie than it was speculated. Going by the IMdb rating of 8.6, it has done quite a good business in its first week. I happened to watch this movie by chance, but enjoyed the punches throughout. Dialogues & the acting of lead roles was the highlight of the movie. Based on the unusual story of the movie, I’ve designed … Continue reading Tanu Weds Manu Returns Minimal Poster