Icon Feelings

We’re humans, we’ve feelings & we express it knowingly or unknowingly. We’re internet freaks, we’re mobile lovers. We’re bound to like good & clean design. Be it web or app, be it PC or mobile, icons are everywhere.

Now, you would be thinking why am I talking about those stuff in parts. Well, it’s time to connect the dots. Ever imagined, what would it be like if icons had feelings? How would the world around us seem to them? What would they have to say? I did imagine. I feel sorry for the ‘Share’ icon being shared by everyone, everywhere. He can never be the one for one.

Check this Graphic Design series & know what our icons have to say,

Icon Feelings

Could you connect to their feelings? Think they might have something more to say? You know what do you have to do. Yeah, just let me know by commenting below & I may do it. As simple as that.

Icon Courtesy: freepik.com


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