Who will win the ICC World T20, 2014 ?

ICC-T20-World-Cup-2014 LogoThis is the question of the millennium for most of the Cricket Lovers all around the World. People have been guessing, predicting & visualizing their favorite teams as the Winners of the ICC World T20, 2014 which is gonna be played in Bangladesh this year. Due to the introduction of the various domestic T20 leagues like IPL in India, Big Bash League in Australia, BPL in Bangladesh & similar leagues in other Cricket playing nations, the capabilities of both Bowlers & Batsmen have been developed drastically. Improvisation in the fielding was a cause of too much T20 Cricket which made it mandatory to perform exceptionally well in this sector of the Game. Also the better performances by the Associate countries over the past few years have made the game even more competitive. In such a scenario, people have the license to expect some real close shaves during this World T20.

Here’s a list of countries participating in this major Tournament & their probable winning chances based on their Current Form , X-factor & 1 Key Player:

My Predictions for Test Playing Nations
World T20 Predictions for Test Playing Nations

My Predictions for Associate Nations
World T20 Predictions for Associate Nations

 Though I’ve made the predictions based on their mettle, current form & other Cricketing aspects, the predictions remain personal. Result can always be astonishing in Cricket, since “Cricket is a funny Game“. If even you do possess some knowledge about Cricket & take interests in such tournaments, try your luck in Fantasy Games by ESPN Cricinfo or ICC Fantasy League & keep your fingers crossed for the Results.


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