Google Authenticator – The Saviour

I don’t know how many of you are aware of this awesome 2-step security measure. I’m talking about Google Authenticator, an application that enables a 2-step signing for various web services like WordPress.

Generally, you got to sign in by just entering your ID or the Username & a Password. This is the most common way of all the web services.
Now what the 2-step verification does is,
1) Enter the ID & the Password for the first pass.
2) Enter the Code generated by the Authenticator or the code you received via SMS on your registered Mobile phone.

Screenshot of a Google Authenticator App
Screenshot of a Google Authenticator App

This is just as the 2-step verification for your Gmail account. The only difference is, here you have the option of using the Code generated by the application as well as the Code received via text message.

Setup of the process is quite simple. You’ll be guided by the WordPress or any other services for which you’re applying the process. It requires you to download & install the Google Authenticator application on you cell phones which is available for free on the Play Store, App Store for Apple & Blackberry Stores.

The most amazing feature of this application is, “It keeps on changing the verification code in real time”.

So, there’s a minimum risk of your account getting affected to vulnerability or being Hacked.
I would strongly recommend you to apply this procedure if you’re a WordPress user, as there has been a substantial rise in the Hack cases of WordPress blogs.

P.S. It also lets you to have 10 backup codes in case you have lost the access to your phone or email.

The Article is also posted on Please visit the link for verification. And yeah, the Author remains the same ‘Darshan Gajara’ 😉


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