Google Authenticator – The Saviour

I don’t know how many of you are aware of this awesome 2-step security measure. I’m talking about Google Authenticator, an application that enables a 2-step signing for various web services like WordPress. Generally, you got to sign in by just entering your ID or the Username & a Password. This is the most common way of all the web services. Now what the 2-step verification does … Continue reading Google Authenticator – The Saviour

Corrupt Insiders – Wildest threat to Cyber Security

People have been claiming or rather blaming the Hackers for any unwanted or undesired changes in the Cyber World. In this disguise, the real threat to such destruction goes unnoticed. Yeah, it’s not the Hackersbut it’s the Insiders who are most responsible for the major threats to the Cyber Security. I’ll explain you this entire scenario with an example stated as below, Consider a situation where you’ve been allotted a task … Continue reading Corrupt Insiders – Wildest threat to Cyber Security