Google Authenticator – The Saviour

I don’t know how many of you are aware of this awesome 2-step security measure. I’m talking about Google Authenticator, an application that enables a 2-step signing for various web services like WordPress. Generally, you got to sign in by just entering your ID or the Username & a Password. This is the most common way of all the web services. Now what the 2-step verification does … Continue reading Google Authenticator – The Saviour

Beware of your Location Theft on Facebook

The World is going Mobile now, people need everything on the go. The analysis reports suggest that most of the users surfing Facebook or some other social networks come from Mobile devices & Tablets. Facebook has been regularly updating their Mobile browsing & keeps on adding various features so as they won’t loose their users & keep up in the Internet Market. One of these updated features is Location … Continue reading Beware of your Location Theft on Facebook


Here’s an android application of the Indian Society for Technical Education(ISTE), K J Somaiya College of Engineering Chapter. It will give you the latest updates of the Council and will help you stay connected Here’s the link to download it directly from the Google Play Store Continue reading ISTE KJSCE