TVF’s PITCHERS Minimal Poster

No doubt, The Viral Fever is India’s largest Youth Entertainment Network. TVF’s YouTube channel has over a million subscribers & the count keeps on growing each day. TVF has been doing a spectacular job with its Qtiyapa videos. After a huge success of their first Drama Series “Permanent Roommates“, TVF is back again with their brand new drama series based on the lines of Silicon Valley. The world is changing quickly & the startups are emerging like anything. TVF could’t have found such a good time to come up with such a series.

The internet is loving this drama series & certain dialogues from this series are getting real famous. Here’s my Minimal Poster for TVF’s PITCHERS,

TVF's PITCHERS Minimal Poster

TVF has also launched a TVF Play where PITCHERS can be viewed. They’re also gonna upload it to their YouTube channel, but there will be a time gap of course. So, either join TVF Play & enjoy PITCHERS right through or wait for a few days & enjoy it on your regular network, TVF’s YouTube Channel.


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