Even Designers Have to Lie

Designers are those creative people who create aesthetically pleasing & visually interacting art pieces. They see things a little differently. But, Clients are such people who can make even these creative Designers go mad. Their repeatedly iterative demands & tantrums are one hell of annoying tasks to handle. In which case, even Designers have to lie to their Clients sometimes.

Even Designers Have to Lie

Our friends at Creative Market have jotted down these 20 lies that Designers tell their Clients. I’m sure all the Designers out there would be able to connect to it. So, here are those 20 lies we regret telling, but have to tell.

Told you, you would be able to connect to it if you’re a Designer or understand design. What lies have you been telling to your Clients? Would like to add any more lies to this list? Don’t hesitate, the comments section below is specifically reserved for you.


2 thoughts on “Even Designers Have to Lie

  1. In business we often lie nt bcoz we wanted bt also as clients wanted to listen thise.. i gt connected wd many. πŸ™‚ really nice post

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