Beware of your Location Theft on Facebook

The World is going Mobile now, people need everything on the go. The analysis reports suggest that most of the users surfing Facebook or some other social networks come from Mobile devices & Tablets.

Facebook has been regularly updating their Mobile browsing & keeps on adding various features so as they won’t loose their users & keep up in the Internet Market. One of these updated features is Location Tracking. The term Location Tracking means that the Facebook messenger traces your location & displays it to the fellow user whom you’re chatting to. It may be also called as Geo-tracing as it gathers your cell’s geographical position and displays it in the messenger.

The feature was added with an aim of betterment of the services provided to the end user as it helps in keeping a track of your friends & family. But the problem arises when you’re not willing to disclose your location to the fellow chatter or the stranger in many cases. This tracking may result into the serious theft of your personal data & you can be well targeted as a end product. The undesired functioning of the feature can turn out to be a major issue in Cyber Security.

Facebook Location Theft

How to prevent this Theft?

Well, the solution to this problem is quite simpler than it seems to be. One needs to have a check of his/her Location services in the phone. It can be done as follows:

  • Go to Settings in your Smartphone
  • Go to Location Services
  • Disable the unwanted options

Yippee! The problem is solved in just three simple steps. You’re no more vulnerable to the risks of Location Theft.
If you face any difficulty in locating the options on your device, please refer the featured image. It’s the screenshot of what should be expected when disabling the option.

P.S. Location Tracking is a feature of the Mobile app, this won’t be seen when surfing through a Laptop PC.

The Article is also posted on Please visit the link for verification. And yeah, the Author remains the same ‘Darshan Gajara’ 😉


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