7 Things We Should Learn From Mickey Mouse

1. Love your pet
Mickey & Pluto






2. Love your friends
Mickey & Friends






3. Love whatever you do, work with passion
Mickey at work





4. Don’t be an Asshole

Asshole Mickey


5. Help whenever possible
Helping Mickey





6. Be a show stopper
Show stopper Mickey






7. Kindness is the key to success
Success Key








Mickey Mouse has been inspiring numerous lives from past 86 years. He has been a character to adore from the day he made his first appearance on 18th Novemeber, 1928 in a film named Steamboat Willie.

We’ve been amazed & enjoyed every little show of Mickey such as Mickey Mouse & friends, House of Mouse, Mickey’s black & white & color films. We just can’t get over him, he’s fabulous.
Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse

Thanks for all these long happy years, thanks for making our childhood so awesome, thanks for every little smile you pulled out on our face.
Happy birthday Mickey the Mouse 🙂

P.S. Photo credits can be viewed by clicking on the respective Images.





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