How to earn Free Recharge ?

Internet is flooded with false & fake tricks about “How to earn Free Recharge?”. But, unfortunately none of them works fine. There Tricks & Treats about the referral network or some or the other hacks to some applications or websites. All of these are certainly to increase the traffic on a particular network. People are misguided on the lines of Free Recharge most of the times in such cases.

Enough of such false practices, finally here’s a technique/treat to earn some extra brownie points :p
An application called hike Messenger for Smart Phone devices gives a simple yet effective solution to this Free Recharge tragedy.

Steps to earn Free Recharge:

  • Download & Install hike Messenger on your Smart Phone.
    P.S. hike is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia S40, S60 for Free.
  • You get a Joining Bonus of ₹.15 on installing it on your device.
  • Move towards the Rewards section in the app.
  • Invite your Contacts via Free hike messages.
  • For each successful invite, you’re rewarded by ₹.20. This means ₹.100  Free Recharge just for inviting 5 people.
    Successful Invite refers to getting a Contact to join to hike messsenger.
  • As soon as a Contact joins hike, a pop up notifies you of your Reward.
  • You can redeem the Reward Bonus by entering your Recharge details within the app itself.
    hike messenger uses PayTM for the Mobile Recharge.

hike Rewards screenshot

P.S. In case of multiple invites to a single user, the person who sends the latest invite before the users’ joining will be rewarded with a Recharge Bonus of ₹.20.

Here’s a screenshot of my Recharge Earnings by just using hike messenger. Yes I know you’re amazed  looking at this screenshot, but trust me even you can earn it by simply following the above mentioned steps.

More over hike messenger has some interesting features like 2-way Chat Themes, Offline messaging for Free, Stickers & Graphical Smileys, Media attachment enabled & many more are being added regularly.
So dude & dudettes, rush for your Free Recharges. Happy hiking! 😉


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