Did someone say “Hostel” ?

When the word “Hostel” comes to mind, there are many thought processes provoked at the same time. Different people, different choices, different voices.

Before getting admitted or even before thinking to get admitted in a Hostel, there were people and their views, infact reviews on Hostel life. Most of them warned about the wrong goings, few made fun of my future sufferings in Hostel, and very few talked about the positive factor. Anyways, it wasn’t a choice for me, it was a mandatory task for me, since I didn’t belong to Mumbai.

Now, finally the moment comes, where I am supposed to leave my Home Sweet Home and march towards Hostel Scary Hostel. Being alone for the first time in life, it was obviously difficult for me.

At first, I had admission rounds going on for the college and simultaneously my struggle with the new life. The least one expects after returning back from a tiresome admission process is a glass of water and some peace. But it wasn’t the same here. When I returned, had no water to drink, had to walk a few minutes from the Hostel Room to fill up the bottle and then relieve the thirst. Forget the extra stuff, the basic requirements as such were also far away from me.

There I built a hatred for Hostel Life in my annoyed little mind. Slowly then I got going with the rhythm of Mumbai. Found new companions, got my blocked brains working again. And then I realized, it is not that life makes you happy or sad, in fact it’s we ourselves. The act of choosing to be Happy is self explanatory. Instead of blaming the situations, we can look around for hidden happiness. Even the stopped clock is correct twice a day.

I then started to figure out the better lessons that Hostel taught me. My mind is now transformed into a Rapid Calculator. I can now calculate my daily expenses in seconds, I have learned to value Money. Plus, I don’t forget things now, a Task List has been installed into my brains. I can now proudly say that I have been through tough part of life as well. Life is not just a Sexy Babe to hang around with and have mere fun. It’s a Wife, you can’t leave it, and you just can’t be chilling always with it. You have to learn the art of managing your children and at the same time satisfying your Wife as well.

Lucky that I’m a Bhanushali (Bhanushali is a Kutchi, Gujrati sub-caste). Suddenly I started feeling so privileged of being a Bhanu, that’s because of our Community’s Hostel Facility. Right near to my College it is. I don’t have to travel in the daily rush as well because of this.

The best part is, I never have to answer anyone before leaving or after arrival. This is because this Hostel is very limited. Just 3 separate rooms and a total intake of only 10 students that too in a Residential Tower. It’s like we enjoy the Paying Guest rights in a Hostel. Forget the rest of the people, even half of the Communal Crowd has no idea about this Hostel. The students come here after the recommendations from ex-students.

Here, we can stay as we want. We make our own rules and have unique way of breaking them as well. After all, they are made with a clear intention of breaking someday. But it has it’s darker side as well. We have no Laundry facility nor any arrangement for the meals. And as the locality is a bit posh, there is no tiffin service available as well. In short, no care is taken once you are admitted.

For us, as soon as the clock nears 9 pm, we start wondering of new ways to vanquish our hunger. That is how it is, every coin has it’s two phases.

Although, this is My Story of Hostel, each Hostelite has a different and unique one. The best way to discover or live it is to be a Hostelite at least once in a life time.


6 thoughts on “Did someone say “Hostel” ?

      1. I never experience hostel (yet), but when i traveled, i used airbnb (which can be cheaper than hostel sometimes) and also cuchsurfing..besides hotel 🙂

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