Who is the most famous person in the World?

Who is the most famous person in the world? This is a typical question which can’t have a generalized answer, as the choice of person varies from a brain to brain. Although surveys can be conducted to know the people’s choice in common, but even this practice can’t hold true in all the scenarios. Because no survey can cover the entire population, and since we’re considering the whole world, the above idea fails. Hence, we choose a person who is famous in our own perception.

Based on the above ideas of deciding or rather choosing the most famous person, I choose “Mark Zuckerberg”. There won’t be a single person on this entire World Wide Web who doesn’t recognise him. He is the CEO of  “facebook.com” and stands amongst the very few Youngest Billionaires of all time. At a very young age he co-founded “facebook.com” in the year 2004. He’s the second youngest self-made billionaire. He reached this feat in the year 2012.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark was born in 1984 in White Plains, New York. His mother is a Psychiatrist and his father is a Dentist by profession. He has three sisters as well. He has been raised as a Jewish but, he describes himself as an Atheist. During his young days, his father had hired Software Tutor to make him learn the basics of programming and to develop his mind as a programmer. Even before joining the Harvard University, he had already made his reputation as a programming prodigy. He studied Psychology and Computer Science as his major subjects.

During his College days at Harvard, Mark had developed a website called “facemash.com” that allowed viewers to know and comment or rate on the private assets of the girls around. It was based on the 1 on 1 comparison between the girls and he used an algorithm suggested by his friend to conclude with the comparison results. Mark did this just because he was pissed and dumped by a girl he loved during that times. Mark’s arrogant and anti-social nature often created such problems for him. But this website “facemash.com” soon got famous throughout the campus. The guys enjoyed it but the girls didn’t,  as it leaked their private information and made it social. The viewing and the popularity made the server crash and it came to the notice of Harvard officials as well. Case was filed against Mark and he had to face legal actions.

The scenario of the decline of “facemash.com” came to ears of Winklevoss brothers as well. Winklevoss brothers were the pass outs from Harvard. They got into contact with Mark as they were in a search of a programmer who could write tons of lines of code and bring their idea of creating a Social Network to reality. They explained the entire concept to Mark about Social Network and made a deal with him. Mark agreed on it at start, but he never actually started working on it. He ignored the calls and mails from the Winklevoss brothers and secretly started working on “facebook.com”. Winklevoss brothers were very much unaware of it. Soon Mark published “thefacebook.com” (Initial name of facebook.com). Initially it required a Harvard ID to create an account, but later on Mark made it accessible to the entire world. It got it’s grip very soon on the www (Abbreviation for World Wide Web). It then came to the notice of Winklevoss brothers as well and they claimed an infringement of their copyright and a theft of their notion by Mark.

Mark didn’t agree with the claim of Winklevoss brothers and stuck to the point that he didn’t copy a single line of code from anybody and it was totally his efforts. Although the facts suggested that he had taken the idea from the Winklevoss brothers and he owed them a fine for this. Mark agreed to pay a remedial fine for this to Winklevoss brothers, but it didn’t bother him much as he was already a billionaire now and had made his mark in the history of Social Networking.

Today, “facebook.com” is the highest viewed website in Social Networking category and has more than a million users across the globe. Mark married to Priscilla Chan in 2012 and now lives a happily married life. His work has been appreciated by many World Class Forums and Organisations. He has many awards under his name as well, one of which is Time Person of the Year, 2010.

Getting famous is not a tough task, but how do you get famous, that takes a life out of you.


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