Corrupt Insiders – Wildest threat to Cyber Security

People have been claiming or rather blaming the Hackers for any unwanted or undesired changes in the Cyber World. In this disguise, the real threat to such destruction goes unnoticed. Yeah, it’s not the Hackersbut it’s the Insiders who are most responsible for the major threats to the Cyber Security.

I’ll explain you this entire scenario with an example stated as below,
Consider a situation where you’ve been allotted a task to break the security of a particular Portal.
As the solution is concerned, we’ve two approaches:

1) Hire a Hacker to dismantle the security of the Portal or else if you yourself are a Hacker, do it on your own. In either of the cases, it requires a hell lot of Coding, efforts, resources, etc. All these will for sure make you go crazy if you aren’t being able to dephase the System. In addition to this, hiring a Hacker doesn’t comes at cheap prices. So, get ready to lighten up your pockets.

Now, all these head banging work is a real hectic job, isn’t it? Here comes another approach to the solution of the task,

2) Instead of going for the Hacking expertise, opt to do the Human Hacking. Now what do I mean by Human Hacking is, find the person who has implemented the Security bots to the Portal or else find a person who has the access privileges to the Portal. You need not be a Cyber Freak to get this task executed, what all you need is the tact to convince people & find his/her price. As it is said, “Each person gets sold someday, the thing is you must find & raise the correct price to it.”

I’m pretty sure that most of you might have found the second approach comparatively more preferable.

Corrupt Insiders

Recent News about the Insider’s Corruption:

  • The Boardroom Cyber Watch 2013 report by training and consultancy firm IT Governance suggests that 54 per cent of “senior executives” consulted believe that their own staff are the biggest threat to cyber security.
  • The National Security Agency leaks by Edward Snowden.
  • A former employee of satellite broadcaster Sky leaked customer data to a warranty and repairs business, the UK’s High Court has ruled.
  • In 2010, Manning turned over more than 700,000 classified files, battlefield videos and diplomatic cables to WikiLeaks.

What needs to be improved to prevent Cyber threat by Insider’s Corruption:

  • The reason behind the exploitation of such rights by a particular Employee must be figured out, as it may help in monitoring & avoiding such cases to occur again.
  • Most of the times, the dis satisfactory wages given to the Employees is the reason for such selling & leaking of the information in an attempt to earn extra bucks. So, the salaries must be kept at a check.
  • The Person before he/she becomes an Employee of the Organisation, should be made to pass the tests that may determine the trustworthy nature of a Person.
  • The number of people working in the organisation & having the access rights to the confidential data must be restricted & be made very much selective. This will automatically decrease the chances of theft of data by our own Employee.

Remember, Inside Corruption can cause a downfall of the most strongest Organisation as well. Keeping this fact in mind, choose wisely between the people & make wise decisions.

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