How to make a Category into Page in

I’m damn sure that after some months of WordPress Blogging, you might have thought of creating some Pages and adding it to the Header of your Blog, as it seems a pretty professional. But you’ve already created some Categories and you always keep on posting as per that. And now you don’t want to take double efforts in converting those Categories to the Pages.

Luckily, WordPress has an easy solution to this, you can use Menu which will help you to add those categories to your blog Header and will display it further as a Category Archive which appears like a separate page.

I’ll help you with the creation of the same with an example, Here’s a page before adding the Categories to the Menu

Before adding Now, suppose you wanna Categories like Technical & Android to the Header, the 1st step to follow is, You will find  a Appearance tab at the left most corner of your Dashboard Menu. Click on the Appearance and find a Menu tab  under it.

After you’re done with this, you’ll find a page like this which has your Header Links mentioned. Now click on the Categories, there you will Appearance - Menufind your already added Categories. Select the Categories which you wanna add to the Menu. For the current case, I’ll select Technical & Android and add it to the Menu.

After adding the Categories to the Menu, the page showed in the right section will be displayed. You can even re position the Menu Addition of Categoriescontents as per your convenience. You can make them as a Sub Item as well. Here we have made both the Categories the sub item of Techo.

After adding

Your final and desired output will be of this kind. This shows that the Categories have  now been added to your Blog Header and it appears like separate pages but, actually  those are your same old Category Archive. 

Enjoy this easy yet efficient feature of WordPress and have a happy Blogging life. Even I    was stuck at one point of time and then discovered this beautiful solution which  rescued me quite butterly.

P.S. Mark the Primary Menu section present at the bottom of the Menu page. This will apply your Menu changes and will make your edited Menu as the primary one for your Blog.


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