I’m Darshan D. Gajara and this is the journey of my life so far year-by-year,

1993 : The day I was born, Latur (a city in Maharashtra) witnessed a gigantic earthquake. I did come to this world at a huge cost of 10,000+1 human lives.

1994-95 : I don’t remember anything that happened to me in between this phase except that we stayed in Lasalgaon (a town in Maharashtra known for onions). Most of us don’t remember, do we?

1996 : Started going to school at a tender age of 3.

1997 : I had to repeat a class because I was too young to enter the next class 😦

1998 : Got scared of my class teacher because she had once banged my head with a slate for some foolish reason.

1999 : Started scoring good marks. I was able to maintain a 80+ aggregate throughout my schooling.

2000 : Got obsessed with a song “Dekho, 2000 zamana aa gaya” from Aamir Khan’s movie Mela. I still like singing or rather say screaming it when nobody’s around 😛

2001 : Developed a keen interest in Sports. Always eagerly waited for Sports week in my School. Also managed to notch a couple of certificates each year 🙂

2002 : Kept watching Cartoons at home and kept drawing them at school 😉 You may find a few of them here.

2003-05 : Sports, Drawing, Cartoons continued for all these years. Happiness was the only emotion I knew back then.

2006 : Superhero shows of Marvel on Fox Kidz and Disney shows on Disney Hour. TV was so f*ckin awesome. Also, it’s the reason why I’ve to wear spectacles now.

2007 : Realized that Disney’s Recess had become my favorite show & still is and will always remain.

2008 : Cleared some drawing exams like Elementary and Intermediate. Also, started preparing for Xth boards. Though attending early morning classes and school was the only part of preparations 😀

2009 : Stood 1st in the School in Xth. As a tradition, my (School Topper’s) parents were invited as the chief guests to hoist the flag on 26th of January. It was a proud moment for me, but unfortunately I couldn’t attend because I was here in Mumbai pursuing my Junior College.
There was again an earthquake experienced by Sumatra on the day of my birth. The death toll raised to 10,000+1+1,115=11,116. I hope there will be no more earthquakes birthday gifts.

2010 : This was the toughest of all. I had never even traveled alone and now I was expected to excel in my academics living in a Hostel, far away from home. I was amazed and shocked and demotivated by the geniuses of the students here in Mumbai. I started thinking that I was a dumbfuck & will soon see my downfall. I had completely no clue what was happening with me, it was all messed & there seemed to be no rescue out of it.
I also came to know about a thing called ‘Internet’. Yes, it’s true, I first logged on to Google after passing my Xth, till then I had not even hit the start button on a computer.

2011 : I hated Mumbai earlier because of all the scars it had given me, but slowly things started to fall in place. I started to understand the purpose and positive takeaways of the tough experiences. Now, I was also able to score some decent marks. I was catching up again. CET preparations had started on a full fledge.
I passed my XIIth with 80+ aggregate again and scored a decent total in CET which fetched me a seat in Computer Engineering’s Department of KJSCE.

2012 : First Year of Engineering is horrible. First Year students can’t do anything but study to at least pass in their exams. Engineering is not that easy for freshers. Once the FE was cleared, Engineering seemed to be fun. I had found good friends with whom I had my first picnic to Matheran. We made a rule in this picnic that we will plan one such picnic every semester. Fortunately, we’ve been able to keep this promise 🙂

This blog was born in the month of August!

2013 : I discovered passion for writing. I started off with Poems and then slowly developed an interest in writing articles on Tech, Quotes, Humor, Short Stories, etc. This blog has helped me a lot in improving my vocabulary and social skills.

2014 : My blog started making a little news. I received a considerable amount of appreciation both online and offline. Many have started noticing Darshan Gajara’s Weirdo – Tech blog now. It was an incredible feeling when a friend of mine from another college WhatsApped me telling that my blog was referred by his friends for Computer Graphics programs and it appeared first in the Google search results when searched for those Computer Graphics programs. It feels so good when you get some Organic Viewers, they are those who know you for your blog and will always find some time to visit it, they’re your genuine readers. This blog also got me an access to IndiBlogger‘s awesome Blogger community where I get to attend some super events and meet some amazing fellow bloggers.

2015 : It is very true that once you reach your first 1000 Views, it won’t take much time to add another few zeros to it. Yes, I attained the milestone of 1,00,000+ Views in the month of August (exactly 3 years after the start of this blogging journey).

Some of my Design Series like “Two Kinds of People During IPL“, “Icon Feelings” and few other Minimal Posters got featured on media publishing websites like ScoopWhoop, MensXP & OddPad.
I became a Computer Engineer by now. I had been freelancing and helping people get their business online at Project X (a startup by 3 besties) for the past 3 years now. By the end of my college, I realized I was more into Designing than Coding and hence, seeked out for a Design job. Fortunately, I got to work as a Visual Designer for BookMyShow.