Two Kinds of People During IPL

Indian Premier League (IPL) kick started from 8th April, 2015 in India. This is the 8th edition of Indian T20 League. Right from the very beginning IPL has been on the minds of every cricket fanatic in India & around the world. Cutting edge technology, jaw dropping games, nail biting finishes, eye candies, media involvement, star connection has all been the integral part of IPL. No wonder, it is now called as the India ka Tyohar (Festival of India).

We can always differentiate between the Viewers during IPL. Some prefer TV, some prefer Laptop & some prefer Mobile when it comes to watching the game of IPL. Some don’t give a damn to the cricket happening in the IPL, they’re just there to enjoy the eye candies, cheer leaders & controversies like the one we saw between Pollard & Starc the last year. Man, Starc would never forget that day & also he would never get tired of thanking God for saving him from the venom of Pollard.

In the similar way, we can categorize people into two main categories. Dedicated to the IPL & people watching it, I’ve made a few minimal posters that will make you realize the kind of people we witness during the India ka Tyohar.

So, which category do you fall into? I hope you fall into one at least. Don’t tell me you don’t watch IPL. Tyohar hai bhai apna, manana to padega na? (It’s our festival bro, we gotta celebrate it).

I miss Preity Zinta. If you’re reading this, Y U No come to watch KXIP’s games? Do you miss something or some player or some team staff this IPL? Well, comments space belongs to you, bring it on.


2 thoughts on “Two Kinds of People During IPL

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for sharing the post. I am a great fan of IPL and prefer to watch the match in TV.
    In fact I would also like to share that I have won many rewards through free prediction games on IPL. Also, the various controversies in IPL make it even more exciting.

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