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Product Disrupt – My Disruptive List of Resources that made me a Product Designer

I’m a internet-made designer and my blog readers, friends & colleague often ask me questions like how did I learn Product Design, what are the sources that I refer to, whom do I seek inspiration from and many more…

That’s where it struck me to make a side project dedicated to all the curious folks around me. I collated my favorite resources and made Product Disrupt for those disruptive minds.

Product Disrupt

This list comprises of Blogs that I read on a regular basis, Designers that I follow, Email lists that I’m subscribed to, my go-to places for Inspiration and Resources and the Tools of the trade.

Product Disrupt Header Interaction

Isn’t that interaction on the header just amazing? Thanks to my dear friend Harsh for helping me with that.

That ain’t just all folks! I’ll keep updating Product Disrupt with more awesome resources as and when I come across them. You sure don’t want to miss an update.

You may check the case study on Behance.

I would love to hear your feedback on this side project of mine. You can simply comment below the post or hit me up @WeirdoWizard .

If you’re a Product Designer as well or the one who has just begun, tell me about your resources and how do you learn the tricks of the trade. It’s good to grow, together!


2 thoughts on “Product Disrupt – My Disruptive List of Resources that made me a Product Designer

  1. Nice work! One women out of 16 though.. surely there must be more inspirational female designers out there?? 😉

    1. Hey Halina,

      Thanks a ton for the kind words. I won’t expect you to believe this, but I had noticed the same thing while making the list. Instantly realized that there aren’t many women in the space, or rather not having their online presence.

      There are a couple of females that I follow on a regular basis, but unfortunately they couldn’t make it to the list, I’ve to keep it crisp. But acknowledge your thoughts on the same.

      Also, many female design enthusiasts have shown curiosity in asking this question, which is a good thing. Hope to see some more of female designers.

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