A Conversation with Panda Network’s Ahmet Sülek

DG: How have you been, Ahmet? I would like to start with a little intro about you, for our readers.
Ahmet: Hey Darshan, I’m the Product Designer of Panda and doing active development and design on other Panda Network projects as well.

DG: Keyboards Club, UsePanda, The Stocks, Flat UI Colors, to name a few of your products. There are so many already and the number seems to be ever rising. What motivates you to achieve such feat?

Ahmet: When I see the absence of a tool I do not hesitate to build the MVP and put it out there. Panda, TheStocks, Flat UI Colors are the first projects ever launched of their kind. In order to do this you have to follow up with new products and trends. This is where Panda kicks in again. 🙂 It’s built for catching up with the latest news in the most convenient way.

UsePanda Newsletter

DG: Do you’ve a certain figure in mind where you would stop making new products and focus on the growth of the existing ones or it’s just that you can’t think of stopping any soon?
Ahmet: As long as I’m an active developer and designer I don’t think I can stop coming up with new products. There are more and more platforms opening up in the market so there will be always a gap for finding a good placement for new products.

DG: Out of so many of your products, which one was the most challenging? Mind sharing some back of the curtain stories of the same?
Ahmet: Panda. It’s an application running on multiple platforms so providing the feature set on web, app and iOS is challenging. When it first came out it was focused on designers only, but now with the upcoming integrations on Panda 5 the user base will be extended much wider. It’s also hard to satisfy people coming from different backgrounds in terms of user experience. Especially when you have power features/hacks on the app which boosts your productivity. You have to make sure that all the users are able to use it without getting confused.


DG: I guess, UsePanda is the most loved product of yours, my personal favorite as well. Is my guess true? How good of a response UsePanda has received from the internet?
Ahmet: Yes, you guessed it right. See screenshots below for the answer 🙂

Feedback for UsePanda

DG: People are usually procrastinators. They’ve so many ideas, but fail to execute even one. Yours is a totally different case, you come up with so many ideas and execute it so well. What’s the secret behind your such high productive rate? Have you found some success drug or something?
Ahmet: In typical progress of a product (design – development – execution), I’m obsessed with executing it. When you aim at smooth execution and user experience you omit most of the reasons to procrastinate.

DG: Collect UI, this recent inspiration platform of yours, what’s the idea behind it? What problem does it aim to solve and how different is it from Pttrns?
Ahmet: I’m really a fan of what Daily UI Challenge has been bringing to the design community. I was always seeing great designs on Dribbble popular feed from Daily UI Challenge, but people were complaining about the challenges producing designs without any use. I thought they would be great for inspiration if they can be somehow
collected and categorized. For further information you can read the Medium article about CollectUI.

DG: Your parent company, Panda Network, how does it fare?
Ahmet: We’re a team of 6 working remotely from United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey and the United States. In the last 2 years we have launched 24 products. Currently we’re focused on delivering Panda 5 with the most extensive features.

Panda Network

DG: I’m sure your products must be keeping you dog busy, but what do you prefer doing when you get some leisure time?
Ahmet: Having a date with my girlfriend with a pizza and red wine.

DG: Time management must be a vital aspect of your busy schedule. Seriously man, how do you manage your time maintaining the quality of your existing products and yet regularly coming up with the newer ones?
Ahmet: I’m doing the job that I would do in my spare time. I would open a restaurant if I was cooking in my spare time. Now working with a team who feel the same way so it’s no hassle for me and for Panda Team to follow up with everything.

DG: You’re the true definition of an Entrepreneur. You’ve never failed to inspire me at my times of hardship. If you were to sum up your life lessons in a few lines, how would you go about it?

Be kind to everyone and leave the ones behind who are abusive. You’ll always find someone kind enough who would appreciate you.

Rapid Fire Round:

Product should be ______.

The world would be a better place if ________.
Pandas ruled it.

Design is ______.
The way things work.

Development is _______.
A test of a person’s patience.

Favorite websites?
Medium, Sidebar and Designer News.

I would _______ if I’m to die tomorrow?
Go to a beach.

As per you, would the demand of UI/UX continue to grow? Why?
Yes, the more mediums to design the more demand of UI/UX.

I would go _________ if I’ve no access to the internet for a couple of days.

Darshan is ________.

Aahh, this man has been doing great things for a while now, hasn’t he? Seriously, I’ve not come to witness many people like Ahmet in my lifetime. Where people claim to be filled with so many idea and no time to bring ’em to life, Ahmet shows us how it is done. Thank you for letting us know about your inspiring journey, Ahmet. I, on behalf of my Readers, wish you all the very best with your many up and coming products.

Ahmet Sülek can be visited at ahmetsulek.com. You can send him your tweets @ahmetsulek. Also, he has some nice shots uploaded on his Dribbble.

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