Superhero & Toon Quotes

Our idols never fail to inspire us, do they? Childhood would’ve never been the same without our adorable & likable superheroes & cartoons. We totally love it when Tony Stark burns the ass out of Corporates through his sarcasmic humor, when Flash runs swifter than the wind, when Olaf explains us the meaning of love. Other than saving the world from super powered villains, our Superheroes are also pretty good at philosophy & philanthropy.

Superhero & Toon Quotes

Clearly, the writers of these cartoons & fictional characters have been doing a splendid job since ages. I, on behalf of all my Pop Culture loving Viewers, thank the makers of superheroes & cartoons. Here are some inspirational quotes from our idols,

I don’t own any copyrights to the quotes by the characters above, but I do love these bunch of awesome people. I got inspired by these quotes & expect you to get inspired as well. Hence, you can term my design series, “Superhero & Toon Quotes”Β as a kind of fan artwork.

Whom do you follow the most? Which quote got you thinking? Did I miss any of your favorite Superhero or Cartoon? Let me know in the comments section below. I’ll be happy to design it for you πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Superhero & Toon Quotes

  1. Great stuff, Darshan!!
    I really loved the quotes by Iron Man, Mickey Mouse and Scarlet Witch!

    And my cartoon role model is Samurai Jack! He is awesome!

    Maybe you should create a cartoon character of your own and make it do super cool stuff like make people laugh!

    I’m thinking on the same lines. And I will pester you with my graphic designing needs.

    Keep blogging! Keep storming!


    1. Yeah man, these unreal cartoon characters teach us so many real lessons.
      Soon you’ll see my own character playing around on my blog.
      Go for it, looking forward to your ventures.

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