Is that a Family Tree or a Complex Hierarchical Chart ?

People have been changing with the time, haven’t they?
Gone are the days when a guy married a girl & had kids & those kids grew up & married their girls & had their kids. Just one bride for one groom & vice verse. This was so simple, wasn’t it?

But the only constant is change. Time changed & so did the humans. Jack was now not satisfied with Jill, he wanted Jill’s sisters to satisfy him & this led to multiple partners of Jack. As generations passed by, this grew more complex than ever.

Jack hustled with Jill & mingled with Jenny. Jenny was already mingling with John. John had just hustled with Carry. Now, don’t ask me whether Carry was hustling or mingling with someone. I don’t know & I don’t even care about it. After all these relations are so damn complex.

Just imagine, how would the Family Tree of these complex relations look like?
Let’s imagine about a simpler one for the start. Here’s how a Family Tree of Old Indian Family would like,
Old Indian FamilyThis one was straight enough. May be our ancestors didn’t like any complex relations.

Now, have a look at this one. Christians were courageous enough to break the stereotypes. This Christian Family Tree is self explanatory.
Christian Family

That wasn’t so complex to understand. You’ll feel the taste of real complexity only when you see this super complex Arabian Family Tree.
Arabian Family Tree

Phew, that was difficult 😓 These Arabs are tough guys.

Please note that this is just for fun. All the names used in the Trees are dummy & aren’t intended to hurt the emotions of any religion or culture.


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