Is that a Family Tree or a Complex Hierarchical Chart ?

People have been changing with the time, haven’t they?
Gone are the days when a guy married a girl & had kids & those kids grew up & married their girls & had their kids. Just one bride for one groom & vice verse. This was so simple, wasn’t it?

But the only constant is change. Time changed & so did the humans. Jack was now not satisfied with Jill, he wanted Jill’s sisters to satisfy him & this led to multiple partners of Jack. As generations passed by, this grew more complex than ever.

Jack hustled with Jill & mingled with Jenny. Jenny was already mingling with John. John had just hustled with Carry. Now, don’t ask me whether Carry was hustling or mingling with someone. I don’t know & I don’t even care about it. After all these relations are so damn complex.

Just imagine, how would the Family Tree of these complex relations look like?
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