All your Engineering Programs at one place

It’s not that easy to complete an experiment in 2 hours’ lab. Sometimes you finish up writing a program within just 15 minutes & sometimes even a whole week’s time is not enough to do so. We’re Engineers, we don’t need to copy everything word by word, but we need that one kick start. Once we get started, it’s tough to stop us.

There are numerous tutorials available on the internet to teach you programming, but that doesn’t comes in handy while you’re in a mess. You’ve assignments to complete, you’ve lectures to attend, you’ve friends to hang out with & hence, you sometimes need one such Helper.

Well, PracsPedia is your that Helper. As they say, PracsPedia is Engineering Practicals Encyclopedia where you would get an access to the straight forward & optimized programs for your Engineering Practicals. Currently PracsPedia focuses only on Mumbai University & some similar universities. By this I mean, the problem definition of the programs will match exactly with the problem definitions specified by Mumbai University’s syllabus, but that doesn’t mean it’s of no use for students studying in other universities. The structure or the way of describing a problem may differ, but the content is going to remain the same. So, we can state that PracsPedia is not only a Helper for Mumbai University Students but also for all the coders struggling with some tricky programs all around the globe.

PracsPedia offers programs on a lot many subjects of 4 year Engineering course. Check the image below to have a glance at it.

If you’re good at coding & have written a couple of programs that can help fellow coders & save their time, you can submit it on PracsPedia as Guest Posting.
Guest Posting will earn you some loyalty & some appreciation. Who doesn’t loves it when their efforts are being appreciated?

Keep Coding, Keep Helping & Stay Motivated 🙂


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