Jod diya Dilon Ko ♥ x ♥

Let’s start it from the very beginning when I received a mail from IndiBlogger about the Zindagi meet at The Leela in Mumbai. I had joined IndiBlogger just a few months ago & hence this was my 1st meet. One is obviously excited for the 1st day of his school/college & so was I for my 1st meet.

What would the meet be all about? What kind of people would the fellow Bloggers be? Wouldn’t walking alone bore me? How am I supposed to dress? All such questions obviously tingled my mind, but the Monster of excitement ate them all 😀

Then I received another mail telling me to write a post about any journey of my life & if I was able to connect to the moderator, this would have won me a prize as well. There wasn’t much time awarded to share this experience since the meet was scheduled the very next day. This was my 1st meet, so how couldn’t I not participate! I always had it in my mind to write articles on my travel experiences & share it with my Viewers so that their journey to these places could turn even more amazing than mine. Unfortunately, due to some or the other reasons I never penned it down. There came this contest where I found the right time to post it 🙂 I wrote an article on my first trip after joining Engineering & it was a trip to Matheran with Gaonwale (friends).
Here is the link to it “This was just the Beginning !
I was not the only one participating, there were many & they were a lot more experienced than me.
Indi Blogger | Zindagi

Mumbai Metro
Mumbai Metro

Just when I was about to leave for the meet, I got a call from Diana (from IndiBlogger) confirming my entry. I was pleased to know that they actually care & make sure that the one who has registered is actually coming or not. I left from my place i.e. Thane to reach the destination. Luckily Mumbai has Metro now which made my journey even more exciting. This was also the 1st time I was travelling via Mumbai Metro. Let me tell you, this Mumbai Metro is an Engineering Marvel. The Metro stations are super clean & the walls are painted with beautiful frescoes.

Finally, I reached The Leela. I thought I would be the one amongst few early birds here, but to my surprise there were already a good amount of Bloggers waiting at the entrance. These Bloggers are very punctual when it comes to business. We were served with delicious Lunch soon after we registered ourselves at the entrance. Obviously, I couldn’t connect to all the names of the dishes that were served. Some German, some Mexican, some don’t know what were they, but I enjoyed gulping it 😀
If the dish wouldn’t have been too heavy to carry, I would have gulped a bit of more food 😀

Now was the time to start with the actual event. It started off with some prizes, the winners of the Twitter & Blog post contest were announced. I was not the one amongst them 😦
I couldn’t win this contest probably b’coz others wrote pretty well than me. Well, not to be sad b’coz this was the cherry & the real cake was still being served. This event was simultaneously being held at two locations viz., Mumbai & Delhi. And we were able to attend both the events, that’s the power of technology.

IndiBlogger | Zindagi meet
IndiBlogger | Zindagi meet
Chandelier at The Leela's Ballroom
Chandelier in The Leela’s Ballroom

Anoop & Nihal (Hosts for the meet) continued with some healthy debate questions. Well, when the name ‘Debate’ comes into picture, there’s obviously some quarrel between the speakers & a free entertainment to the listeners. Mumbai ruled it, from the weather to the street food, Mumbai easily stood above Delhi. It was good to know that one of the IndiBlogger Team Member found his love of his life who is his wife now at the times of Mumbai floods. And this proved that, Love can be found even at the time when other people are dying

After all this fun session, it was time now to welcome the Zindagi Team with Imran Abbas (Actor). The promo of Zindagi that was shown on the screen seemed to be pretty promising & had already found deep roots into the Indian viewers since many had watched some of the dramas well before when it was broadcasted only in Pakistan. These people were very keen & eagerly waiting for this to happen. The session continued with the Q & A with Imran Abbas. Sultana Aapa (Director/Producer) also joined us straight away from Pakistan sharing her views about this concept & initiative. People were pleased to have this opportunity to interact with her.

IndiBlogger was so good at keeping us satiated. Lunch followed by high Tea & snacks was a delight to our tummies 😀
When all very busy feeding themselves, I found some time for my photography & sketching.

Desk from a different angle
Desk from a different angle
Sketching is a good exercise
Sketching is a good exercise

Just when you feel that the contests have ended, IndiBlogger is up with another surprise. Rather easy & casual one this time, the task was just to pick a number between 1-10. Hold on, you only get a chance to pick one if you’re pointed out by Anoop :p Hosts hold some powers after all. And the prizes were Sugar Packet, Notebook 😀 (only for some unluckier ones). Luckier ones did win Wildcraft bags & Flipkart vouchers as well. The meet for the day ended up on a higher note with a multi-city group photo.

I came alone, but IndiBlogger just doesn’t lets you return alone. I made new friends, the Blogger friends, the ones whom I don’t know, but still we’re connected b’coz of this one community. And hence, I proudly say, “IndiBlogger aur Zindagi ki iss shaam ne Jod diya Dilon Ko ♥ x ♥


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