As Time Passes By

Meeting was a sure shot thing as we both were clubbed into the same division & the same batch. No doubt, Vallari is bold enough to talk to strangers & transform them from strangers to acquaintances within a few minutes’ talk. She took a step forward to have a word with me & I still have a realization of it that had she not made an attempt, I wouldn’t have found such a close friend.

Obviously, she had her many friends & many groups from those friends & even I had a separate group of friends. This didn’t allow usVallari to get into regular talks, but whenever we were together, those times were memorable. Time would pass so swiftly & with so much of high energy.

There was no such deep impact incident that happened between us, yet then we kept on coming closer & closer as time passed. Be it being in the same batch or being in the same council or having n number of mutual friends or Ghatkopar Gang or likes for weird stuff or dreams decoding, all such things managed to keep us intact.

People who are full of life or those who are able to pull out smiles on the faces of friends by cracking some silly jokes or displaying some stupidity are often the people who are emotional deep inside & need someone to share it with, someone who understands them, someone who has nothing to expect in return & just cherish the innocence of this little relationship. I know I shouldn’t be murmuring these words as these are the emotions to be felt & not the words to be spoken out. But then sometimes we need to bring it on our lips as well, let people not mistake you, let them have a realization of who you actually are & what you actually desire.

It’s a great feeling when you have that someone, it makes you determined, it gives you a faith that you won’t have to walk alone all the times. Fortunate I’m to have you, to have you at the times when I need you.

Our friendship is a crystal clear example to explain that to have a good understanding of someone, you need not spend most of your time with them, but just spend the quality time.

I don’t hope that this will continue, instead I believe that this will grow even more healthier as times passes by. Since the belief is better than a mere hope.


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