Question Paper Library | Website Review

The very first step for starting the preparation of any exam is to refer previous years’ Question Papers. But it is a hectic task at times. You need to get the print outs of the Question Papers which might cost you a many bucks or maintain a soft copy of those papers. Even after taking so much of efforts, your job is not done yet. To search for a particular question, you have to manually go through all the papers. Tiresome, right?

Well, here comes your rescuer  “Question Paper Library”.

Here are some awesome features of Question Paper Library :

  • Search for Questions using your own search query
  • Create an account and be able to create your own Lists of questions
  • Lists can be private or shared
  • Mark questions as Read as & when you have read it
  • Browse Papers year wise
  • Add your preferences (University, Stream, Sub stream, Course)

What’s most amazing about Question Paper Library is that it’s in the form of normal text with HTML i.e. question papers aren’t uploaded as a .pdf or .doc or any other file formats. It’s just simple text.
And remember it’s not only for University of Mumbai, it includes Maharashtra State Board, University of Pune & Gujarat Technological University as well.

Here’s a view of how Question Paper Library looks like

Question Paper Library

P.S. Question Paper Library is in Beta version & highly under updation. So, even if you don’t find your questions now, try finding later.



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