Y U No build Toilet for Babli ?

We’re a country of billions, we’re making a mark in enormous fields, progressing superbly. We’ve earned some respect for us in the world. In spite of all these feats, we’re considered to be a dirty nation. World doesn’t counts us when it comes to listing down clean countries. We are far behind from being called a clean & healthy country.

Why is this about India? Why can’t we feature in that list of clean countries? Are we so dirty? Are we so obsessed with that tagline “Daag acche hain” that we don’t want to clean ourselves or our nation?
Well, the answer lies within us. Facts & demographics about India clearly state that we haven’t been good enough in keeping our country clean.

The below graph showcases the transition state of sanitation in rural India,

Transition State of Sanitation in Rural India
Transition State of Sanitation in Rural India

One can clearly observe that there has been an increase in the number of toilets from the year 2001 to 2011, but this is very low as compared to the increase in population. This just doesn’t meets the need of the demand as we see a rise of just 5% toilets to satisfy the needs of 50% rise in the population.

Men & kids find a rescue to their sanitation problem by defecating behind the bushes or some dark corners, but what about women? They can’t just copy men in this matter of fact. Women have to walk miles just to pee. And all this is due to lack of toilets, directly increasing the probability of illnesses in women. Continue reading “Y U No build Toilet for Babli ?”