featured Leo Leung

A Conversation with Leo Leung

How are you, Leo? It had be great if you could tell us something about you. Leo: Hi everyone, I’m Leo Leung, a former Front-End Developer from China, who is now a Designer. And the shift has been a wonderful process for me, cause I always dreamed of being a full-stack designer, and I always adhere to this thought, Programer makes the world real, and … Continue reading A Conversation with Leo Leung

Interaction Design FREEBIES

Interaction Design – FREEBIES (Vol. 1)

Happy Sunday, folks! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. Even if you didn’t, it’s okay, you’ll have a wonderful week ahead. Here’s a little Sunday delight to fasten up your cool design projects, 1. Social Share Interaction 2. Dribbble Invites Giveaway Interaction 3. Loader Animation 4. Search Interaction 5. Add Expand Interaction Usage Policy: All the above interactions are absolutely free for both Personal and Commercial purposes, … Continue reading Interaction Design – FREEBIES (Vol. 1)

A Conversation with BookMyShow’s Kiran Shivlingkar

DG: Hey Kiran, how have you been? How about getting started with a little intro? Kiran: Hey Darshan, I’m Kiran from Goa. At present, I work as an Interaction Designer at BookMyShow, in Mumbai. I work on many side projects part-time, but working at BookMyShow is pretty much my main job. DG: Goa is such an amazing place man, my personal favorite. How’s the design scene there? Kiran: Yeah, … Continue reading A Conversation with BookMyShow’s Kiran Shivlingkar