Total Divas – FREEBIE

Last week, crossed 2,00,000+ views. I did a blog post for the announcement acknowledging the support I’ve been receiving from you guys. And I must admit, the response to the milestone has been phenomenal and it’s only fair for me to thank you all for the constant support. It feels really good to hear it from you about how you liked the Interaction Design … Continue reading Total Divas – FREEBIE

Interaction Design FREEBIES

Interaction Design – FREEBIES (Vol. 1)

Happy Sunday, folks! I hope you’ve had a great weekend. Even if you didn’t, it’s okay, you’ll have a wonderful week ahead. Here’s a little Sunday delight to fasten up your cool design projects, 1. Social Share Interaction 2. Dribbble Invites Giveaway Interaction 3. Loader Animation 4. Search Interaction 5. Add Expand Interaction Usage Policy: All the above interactions are absolutely free for both Personal and Commercial purposes, … Continue reading Interaction Design – FREEBIES (Vol. 1)


How Invision has got its UX right

Invision has now been out there for a while, slowly owning the design space. Giving an overview of Invision – as a product before I actually jump into their User Experience breakdown isn’t really required here. For all those who’re into design, already have used Invision or at least heard the internet talking about it. So, let me tell you what this post is going to … Continue reading How Invision has got its UX right has a New Look

I had started this blog in late 2012 with the only motivation of exploring as a platform. Gradually, I realized that the blog acted as a catalyst in the process of improving my vocabulary (Yeah, I’m slowly getting there. Be nice, Grammar Nazis!). I continued writing and the attachment with the blog kept on growing. I started off with some lame internet tricks (I … Continue reading has a New Look

Best Resources to Learn about Product Design–Part 2

A couple of weeks before, I shared my best resources to learn about product design, 9 resources–to be very specific. Not many days after that post, I realized that I missed out on some more. And here I’m, back with part 2 of best resources to learn about product design. The count stopped on 9 the last time, so I’ll resume this post with 10th. … Continue reading Best Resources to Learn about Product Design–Part 2