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BookMyShow App – Indonesia

In 2016, BookMyShow diversified to Indonesia and started selling tickets for Movies & Events. These native iOS & Android apps were specifically built for users in Indonesia catering to their regional needs. I collaborated with a collogue of mine to bring this project to life, while working at BookMyShow.

Project: BookMyShow – Indonesia
Brand: BookMyShow
Deliverables: iOS & Android app design
About Project: BookMyShow is India’s largest online ticketing portal, now opened in Indonesia, UAE, Bangladesh & New Zealand.
Tools Used: Pen & Paper, Sketch App, Sketch Assets Export (Plugin)
Credits: iOS design by Malik Shaikh, Android  design by Darshan Gajara & BookMyShow Design Team for their constant support.

bookmyshow App – Indonesia


Primary Color (Brand Color): Red
Secondary Color: Green


iOS: Avenir
Android: Roboto

Colors & Typography
Colors & Typography

User Onboarding

Logging in to the app provides you a personalized experience based on your location and booking history.

User Onboarding
User Onboarding


A simple navigation to guide between the main sections to discover and book tickets based on the location.


There’s a lot to this application viz., Movie Booking, Event Booking, Engaging Content, Personalization, Venue Listing, etc. Check the complete presentation on Behance.

You can also install the Android app from Play Store.

A special mention to the Design Team, Product Managers & Developers at BookMyShow who were remarkable in supporting us with their expertise in order to be able to ship this product.


5 thoughts on “BookMyShow App – Indonesia

      1. Although I’m only a med-student, I’ve always been leaning to the arts and design, since my childhood. Even now, I partake in anything remotely related to similar hobbies and keep my passion alive. It’s good to see a designer here on WordPress

      2. That’s an interesting fact to know, Abhineet. Even I come from a different background–Engineering. It’s the passion that got me into design for full-time.

        You should definitely keep doing that, will keep your creative juices running.

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