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2,00,000+ Views and Counting

Last year on Aug 23, this blog touched its 1,00,000+ views milestone. From there, it took exactly 421 days (which is 1 year, 1 month and 24 days) to double the number of views. Yup, DarshanGajara.com crossed 2,00,000+ views mark on Oct 17, 2016.

I started this blog in the August of 2012 while I was pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. Back then, I didn’t know nothing about the nitty-gritty of blogging, it was just a curious attempt to learn WordPress. But, they’re right about what they say of attention. My blog posts were slowly getting some readers, there was a little engagement happening around it and it felt like something special.

I continued doing what I did and the results were phenomenal. I was hooked to this feeling of being heard. I was hooked to blogging.

Thank you for your continuous support

Yes, of course, my interests have changed. And thus the shift in the genres of posts that I write. But, the love for blogging is still intact. And it’s all because of you. I’ve spoken at multiple instances about the importance of Readers in growing a blog, and I think it’s only fair mentioning it again.

Thank you for all your support throughout these 4 years of blogging. I appreciate all your feedback which makes me a better blogger every hour, every second.

Let me run you through some interesting facts about this blog,

183 Posts attracted 1,17,737 Visitors

So far, 183 posts (including this post) have been published on DarshanGajara.com. These 183 posts were read by 1,17,737 visitors worldwide.

Main Stats

Best Views Ever were recorded on the same day the blog hit 2,00,000+ Views

DarshanGajara.com hit 630 views on Oct 17, 2016. Previous best was 588, recorded a few days back. This blog has been seeing some steady rise in the number of daily views, lately. Not quite sure what’s making this happen!

Traffic has Doubled each year, but it remained Near Equal this year

Yearly Stats

1,527 views in 2012
13,092 views in 2013
47, 301 views in 2014
72,282 views in 2015
66,354 views in 2016*

This is how the number game has been so far. Guess, 80,000 is the saturation limit for this blog, unless some post goes viral. (Again, you got that making or breaking power)

Most of the Visitors are Organic

This is something I take pride in. Search engines drive around 90% of the total referral traffic on this blog. Which is then followed by social presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. My contributions on Invision’s blog are also a vital referral. Then there are many other backlinks along with my re-posts on Medium.

Referral Stats

I would be more than happy if those figures inspire you to start writing a blog. It is also true that figures only tell you half the story. But, the way this blog has turned me into the person I’m today is inexpressible. 2015 was a special year, I experienced a lot of things for the first time in my life and achieved some cherish-able memories out of it.

I would like to return the awesomeness by helping you get your own blog. Hit me up with what’s stopping you and we shall sure figure out something, together 🙂


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