Best Resources to Learn about Product Design–Part 2

A couple of weeks before, I shared my best resources to learn about product design, 9 resources–to be very specific. Not many days after that post, I realized that I missed out on some more.

And here I’m, back with part 2 of best resources to learn about product design. The count stopped on 9 the last time, so I’ll resume this post with 10th.

10. Hack Design

Hack Design

Hack Design is a curated design course crafted by the best of designers for everyone and anyone who wants to learn design. How hack design works is, they send you a weekly email with around 5 lessons on one given topic. Lessons are best of links on the internet neatly curated by Hack Design’s design instructors. The beauty of Hack Design is that it is so well organized and planned. Your design course will start off with very simple design concepts and slowly get to all complex and higher concepts. Also, since you receive only 5-6 lessons a week on one given topic, you’ve ample time to read them through, which do not spam your inbox and keeps you in-sync with the course. I highly recommend you to subscribe to their course (Yes, it’s absolutely free) if you’re just getting started with design. It’s a good read for the experienced designers as well.

11. Tubik Studio’s blog

Tubik Studio's blog

Tubik Studio is a design agency based in Ukraine. Man, you got to believe that someone must be very good at design when I say they’re from Ukraine. Truly, Ukraine is producing such great designers. Okay, enough of Ukraine buzz, Tubik Studio’s blog is a good to follow for designers looking to get more depth on design process, handling client projects, using technology wisely in design and more. Yes, expect more of agency stuff including neatly written case studies and design processes.

12. The nuSchool’s blog

The nuSchool's blog

The nuSchool’s blog is majorly focused on helping independent designers get hold of their shit. Their blogs are amazingly written, ripping apart the freelance illusion. Are you a freelancer or a consultant or look to be one? If you nodded up-down to my question, the nuSchool should be your go-to blog to learn all about the gimmicks of freelancing.

13. Toptal’s blog

Toptal's blog

Toptal is the top freelance network, probably the best. Now, don’t be under an impression that Toptal’s blog would be all about freelancers. Yes, you would find great freelance based articles on their blog, but they also have a great range of articles on design process, product building, coding, APIs and much more. The freelancers in the network are the ones usually writing for their blog, the reason why there’s so much trueness in what they write.

14. Freepik’s blog

Freepik's blog

Freepik is every designer’s best friend to get started with any design project. Aww, their repository is super cool. Freepik’s blog is mostly about the latest happenings in the design world. Apart from latest designer news, Freepik writes about cool design stuff which also includes tutorials and hacks.

15. Icon Utopia

Icon Utopia

Justas is the man behind Icon Utopia. He started Icon Utopia with a sole goal of teaching peers how to make a steady income and build a career as an Icon Designer. His blog is all about icons and his personal stories. Take my word, there’s no better blog than this you would find on icon designing. His icons are cool and make perfect f*ckin sense, his articles are even better. Though, he’s a bit inconsistent with his blog, it’s worth the wait never the less.

I hope you find this addition productive enough to learn about product design. What’s your secret list of resources? There’s no reason to shy away, feel home and comment below on the post with your list of resources.

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