Wolverine Low Poly (Design Process)

I’m assuming you already know that I’ve a online Print Shop, where I sell my artwork for pretty decent prices. For those who aren’t aware, note that I’ve a Print Shop & it’s awesome 😉

Wait, before you assume that this is gonna be just another blog post to promote my shop, I’ll make things clear. This post is all about the design process of Wolverine Low Poly artwork. Let’s get started.

Wolverine Low Poly

Step 1: Collecting the reference & getting things in place

I started off with a reference image of Wolverine & set up my file in Adobe Illustrator. Also, I created a new folder in my local storage. Designers keep it pretty organized 😉

Step 2: Go for the Head

Head’s the best part to start your design with. If you get the head right, other parts will automatically fall into place.

Wolverine Low Poly Head

Step 3: Work on the Face

It’s obviously an immediate step after the head’s done.

Wolverine Low Poly Face

Step 4: It’s time to give our Wolverine some Vision

I drew the eyes & added a little details to the face.

Wolverine Low Poly Eyes+Details

Step 5: Designing the Upper Body

This part is a bit easy, since it doesn’t involves much details like the face.

Wolverine Low Poly Upper Body

Step 6: Designing the Lower Body

It’s a Step similar to Step 5.


Step 7: Designing the Hands

If you see closely, you’ll see that I already have the outline made for the hands. Now, I just have to build upon the outlines.Wolverine Low Poly Hands

Step 8: Detailing the Body

The skeleton is ready by now, adding a few details to the body just makes it complete.

Wolverine Low Poly Body Details

Step 9: Giving Wolverine what makes Wolverine, Wolverine

Yup, it’s time for the holy claws (Snikt \|/ ).

Wolverine Low Poly Claws

Step 10: I present you the Wolverine Low Poly artwork

Wolverine Low Poly Complete

I used Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 to design this Wolverine Low Poly artwork. Illustrator is awesomest tool to design vector stuff. After I was done with the monochromatic color scheme, I tried playing around with some colors. Here are the results of the same,

Wolverine Low Poly Variations

I figured out this designing technique while I was reading a wonderfully written article on Envato Tuts Plus on creating a geometric WPAP portrait by the legendary designer Wedha Abdul Rasyid.

Also, note that I’m open to suggestions. Let me know what artwork would you want to be made in this particular style. If the demand’s pretty good, I’ll make it for you 😉

And yeah, Merry Christmas & a Happy Festive Week to all my awesome Blog Visitors. Keep making this world a better place.


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