How is Tata ZICA #madeofgreat ?

Tata Motors is scheduled to launch yet another hatchback this January. Now, what’s so special about this yet another hatchback? Well, read on & you shall know.

Tata Motors has its R&D & Design Centers in Pune (India), South Korea, Italy & the UK. The technicians, engineers & designers based in these centers usually compete against themselves to come up with some desired products. This wasn’t the scenario this time though. Tata Motors decided to lock them in the same room & asked them to get their brains kicking. Yeah, Tata Zica (referred as yet another hatchback so far) is the product of collective efforts from the best they had. I smell something offbeat this time around.

Tata Zica Pre-launch
Tata Zica Pre-launch

Here are some ‘Shut up & take my money’ features of Tata Zica,

  • Ultra Comfort

With fully fabric seats & boot space of 242 liters, Zica has taken good care of the comfort part. It also has geometrically designed Dashboard & door pockets in all the 4 doors.

  • NEXT features

Zica is packed with NEXT level technology viz., Designext, Drivenext & Connectnext. Designext is all about adding classy interiors & making the car look & feel great. Drivenext is about new Revotron 1.2 engine to make your drive hassle free. And Connectnext is about improvisation in infotainment which is achieved by Harman’s integration & smart phone enabled navigation & juke-car applications.

  • Excellent Exteriors

Zica comes in 2 color varirants viz., Sun burst Orange & Espresso Brown. I don’t know about you, but Espresso Brown is my personal preference. The finishing of the car also looks damn clean.

  • Customized for You

Zica has about 5-7 customizable parts in its interior, which can be changed as per the owners’ color preferences.

Tata Zica's Interior
Tata Zica’s Interior
  • Tried & Tested

The testing team has covered 5 round trips to the moon in Tata Zica. By the way, 5 round trips to the moon is 2 million Kms. It took them around 5000 days to perform the same.

  • Budget Price

What good is a car if you can’t afford to buy it? Well. the expected price of Tata Zica is around 4 to 5.5 lakhs, which falls into the range of budget cars.

You might be wondering that when did I become an expert in Automobiles. Honestly speaking, I’m no big expert or enthusiast of Automobiles. All this is a result of an invite from IndiBlogger & Tata Motors.

Last weekend, I had this surprisingly awesome opportunity to visit Goa along with 60 fellow Bloggers to take Tata Zica on a test drive of 60 kms. All our expenses were bared by Tata Motors. Yes, they are that awesome 🙂 The itinerary began with my flight from Mumbai, which was delayed by 3 hours 😐 Our stay was organized at Alila Diwa (One of the luxurious hotels of Goa). We had a little beach time before the bloggers’ meet & greet session began back at the hotel. The food was super awesome. Starters, Main Course, Cocktails & Mocktails, Desserts, it had all. Bloggers were briefed about the activities lined up for the following day. There was karaoke as well, we were having a great evening util when the Tata guys asked us to move to another room. Things just got even more awesome when we entered the room. The room was decorated as a Football Locker room with an individual kit for each of us 60 bloggers. Man, the marketing team at Tata Motors had done a wonderful job.

Here are a few pictures from the hotel & the evening session,

The Locker Room session was hosted by Cyrus Sahukar (an MTV VJ). This was the time when we got to know about the making of Tata Zica. A few people from Tata Zica’s core team gave a talk on the work that went behind the making of this car.

The launch video was played & then suddenly the room got even bigger, literally. There it was, the first look of brand new Tata Zica. The photo at the beginning of this blog post is from that moment. Surrounding the car stood the Design & Engineering Team of Tata Zica. They were here to answer any queries that we curious bloggers had regarding the car. It was a good session. The design part of the car had already amazed me & the designer from their team did good justice by explaining me the entire design process of the same.

The initial design prototypes
The initial design prototypes

That was all about Day 1. Day 2 was scheduled to begun from 7:30 early in the morning. We were served good breakfast before leaving for the test drive. I must say, the hospitality of Alila Diwa & the food menu set by Tata Motors was commendable. There were so many choices to choose from. It was an ultra delicious breakfast of all time. Sorry, for not being able to post any food pictures, I was so busy enjoying them that I didn’t invest even a second in picturing them.

We were then split in teams of 3 to get on a test drive of Tata Zica on the magnificent roads of beautiful Goa. There wasn’t much problem in navigating as the auto navigation system was already set. On top of it, each test car had a support car following it all the way. We were also supposed to complete some tasks given by the Tweetaratis. Though, this wasn’t a compulsion. We could have completed them to emerge as the winners or just enjoy the drive. We partially completed the tasks & fully enjoyed the drive 😉

A 60 Kms test drive on the magnificent roads of Goa. This is how I got to know so much about Tata Zica. All thanks to the IndiBlogger & Tata Motors team 🙂

All the bloggers returned to their homes after the test drive was over. We came in with a lot of excitement & returned with a lot great experiences.


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