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What good are we if we don’t change with time? The whole world has gone responsive, flat & minimal already. It was high time that we upgraded our web standards. And here we are, with a whole new online booking experience. Yes, as you might have guessed it already, this blog post is gonna be about the journey of transformation from in.bookmyshow.com to new.bookmyshow.com.


My part of this journey started something like this,
I joined BookMyShow as a Jr. Visual Designer. The transformation or revamp had already begun & was into its well running state. Most of the people working on the new site were new at BookMyShow. And naturally, the ways of their working were new too. I could witness a lot of enthusiasm, passion, energy & enormous talent. They were here to make it count.

I was a fresh recruit out of Engineering College & a complete fresher in Design. Obviously, the company had to experiment with me to see as in where do I fit. I had say, the experiments brought me good. From thinking of mere concepts & designing mocks to making the image adaptations, I did all sorts of similar design work. Then, a time came when I got to design a few pages for the new.bookmyshow.com. I must admit, the feeling was delightful when I saw the development of my designs take life. A glimpse of those pages on the new site still manages to pull out a smile on my face.

All the developers working on the new site looked like Zombies (by the way, the revamp was called Project Don). The reason being their sleepless work hours & continuous development. People didn’t show up home for days. They were dedicated to their work until the last line of the code assigned to them was written. Being an Engineer, I do realize that your code doesn’t function every time the way you expect it to & how frustrating that is. Given all those considerations, imagine what a nightmare it must be when you see your code don’t work even after 2 days of continuous development. Sometimes, the god damn internet doesn’t connect or the machine misbehaves. Well, a developer has many of those nightmares. But, what’s a developer who doesn’t overcome his nightmares?

The beta version went live on 3rd Sep. The day before the beta went live was a day to remember. One could hear developers going crazy & screaming PUSH PUSH PUSH. Basically, they were asking one another to push their final codes to the node from where it can be tested & taken live. For quite some time even after the project was done & dusted, people here were obsessed with this word PUSH. PUSH was the new slang here, at BookMyShow.

Here’s a Credits Design that one of my fellow designer had made for our AVP’s internal presentation,

Team Credits

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that we had a good booze & nice amount of parties during Project Don.

Team Project Don
PUSH is the new CHEESE

Have you checked out the new online booking experience already? If not, there’s no reason to wait or hesitate. Go on, we obviously want to hear it from you. Give us your honest feedback so that we can keep improving.


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